Homework 8/21/19


Reading: 30 minutes

Vocab (only if you had a vocabulary test sent home with you): Look up the definitions of the words you missed, write the word down, write it’s part of speech down, and write down the definition of the word.

Spelling: 2 activities from our Spelling Menu. If you lost your hard copy of the list here is a revised version of the Spelling List.

Math: Complete the following problems and ATTACH YOUR WORK. You can complete the bonus question for extra credit points.

For the following problems round to the nearest thousands place.

    1. Estimate the value of 623,500 ÷ 8 

    2. Estimate the value of 240,600 x 3 

    3. Estimate the value of 979,500 ÷ 4 

    4. Estimate the value of 478,400 X 5  

    5. Round 8,721,643,095 to the place value listed below

      1. Tens

      2. Hundreds 

      3. Thousands  

      4. Ten Thousands 

      5. Hundred Thousands 

      6. Millions

        Challenge Problem: A race car driver has 36 cars. Each car has four tires. He has to replace all of the tires on the cars. He has 12 tires right now. Estimate the total number of tires he will need to purchase.


Remember that tomorrow is PE which means students must be in their complete PE Uniform. Tomorrow morning we will also be gathering hot lunch orders for Friday, we will be having pizza. It will be $2/slice for cheese and pepperoni pizza from Little Casear’s. In addition Sr. TA is asking that every student have a notebook dedicated to their work for STREAM so please purchase one by next Tuesday, August 27th.