Today we remembered the events of September 11th, 2001 at our assembly led by the Student Council. As a way of honoring the lives lost that day we walked back to our classrooms in complete silence. When we got back to our classroom I shared with the students where I was that day and why it is so important to honor those that have fallen in the line of duty. We talked about how many people run away from dangerous situations, however we have first responders that willingly run towards danger to protect us every day.


Penny Wars has begun so bring in pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills. All proceeds will go to Get on the Bus, a charity that helps children visited their parents in prison. Tomorrow remember to come dressed in P.E. uniform. I suggest you wear shorts underneath your sweatpants because it does get hot up here in the afternoon. You will need to bring a swimsuit, flip flops, a towel, and goggles (girls must also have a swim cap). Keep turning in those Picture Day forms, I am filing them so they are all ready on September 25th when we go to take pictures.

Tomorrow at 7 pm there is Mom’s Night Out at Canteen. Parents please keep turning in the surveys from Back to School Night because they will help me better meet each of your student’s individual needs.


Reading: 30 minutes

Spelling: Complete the multiple choice activity on Google Classroom. Even though it says quiz it will be counted towards your homework grade in Language Arts.

Math: Complete Unit 2 Exercise 6 in your math workbooks. I have recorded a video to help you which is posted on Google Classroom under the Classwork tab in the Math Section.