Week 6 Announcements

Weekly Announcements

This week we begin our 2 week STAR testing period for the Diocese of Monterey. It is critical that students get a good night’s rest before any test and eat a good breakfast. Here is a document that has some helpful tips for parents to support their student(s) success. It also has some tips for you to go over with your students that are specific to each subject area. We will be testing STAR Reading on Monday and STAR Math on Tuesday. To help the students relax and do their best we will do some yoga stretches before we start testing and we will do some power stances to boost their confidence.

Monday/Thursday: Come in P.E. uniform with your swimming stuff. This means students should have a swimsuit, sunscreen, and flip flops. Girls should also have a swim cap.

Tuesday: Don’t forget your STREAM stuff. You should be bringing materials for your catapults designs.

Friday: We will be celebrating Salesian Fun Day at St. Francis High School in Watsonville. Students should be dropped off around 7:30 where our faculty and staff will be waiting. We will begin the day by celebrating with the St. Francis Sharks. Students will be wearing their spirit shirts and athletic footwear.

Week 5 Re-cap: Written by Maria

In math we learned about bar models. In science we learned about the Sun changing with the seasons. In religion we learned how to look up stories in the Bible. In social studies we learned about different Native American groups. In Spanish we learned grammar and began memorizing the Our Father (Padre Nuestro) in Spanish. In P.E. we have been learning about water polo.

Looking at the week ahead

Religion- This week we complete our unit by learning about the liturgical season and the 7 sacraments.

Math- We will begin the week with Math STAR testing. Then we will finish our 2 Chapter in mathematics by looking at 2-digit multiplication and division. Next Monday we will have a test on Chapter 2.

Science- This week we will be learning about how the stars change with the seasons through informational videos, note-taking, and hands-on activities. This will be tied into language arts as we look at the constellations and mythology.

Language Arts- In grammar we will be covering simple sentences and linking verbs. We will also be doing activities during writer’s workshop to help them prepare for their tests in addition to the homework they will be assigned. In writing we will also begin composing a biography masterpiece that will be put in their portfolio for the end of the year. Thursday there will be a spelling test and a vocabulary test.

Social Studies- This week we will finish reviewing the information we learned about the different Native American groups that existed. Students will be given papers with the information they need to study and there is a quizlet on Google Classroom. We will also have homework assignments to reinforce the information we learned. On Wednesday we will have a test on Chapter 2.