Tomorrow is the SF Giants Booster Fundraiser so we’ll be missing a few students; for students that miss they will take their spelling test on Monday and turn in their homework on Monday. For students that will still be at school we will be doing some cooking and crafting as well as taking our weekly spelling test and doing some silent reading. I have also gotten special permission from coach to take the kids swimming as I am a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.

Reminder: Friday we will not have school because our staff will be attending a Diocesan Professional Development Day.


Reading: 30 min.

Spelling: Write your words 3 times in print.

Science: Use your “Universe in a Box” to share with someone at home what we learned in science class today. You might also show them you constellation guide as well.

Math: Watch this Kahn Academy video on writing mixed numbers as improper fractions and the video on writing improper fractions as mixed numbers, complete the practice, and the review. The link will also be posted on Google Classroom.