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Teachers Name: Mrs. Macy
Classroom: 4th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree:  B.A with  distinction in Social Science
University Name: San Jose State University 



  • 2-21-18

    Math- Ex 5 WB 174, Review 5 WB 177-178

    Spelling- packet and test Fri


    RF #1- meet Tues 2/27 with job and read to ch 15

    MUF- meet Thurs 2/29 with job and read up to ch 9

    RF #2- meet Thurs 2/22 with job and read up to ch 11


    Read 25 mins every night

  • 2-20-18

    Math- Ex 3 and 4 WB 169-173

    Spelling- packet and test Fri


    RF #1 meet Tues 2-27 with job, read to ch 15

    MUF- meet Wed 2-21 with job, read to ch 6

    FR #2- meet Thurs 2-22 with job, read to ch 11


    Read 25 mins every night

  • 2-14-18

    Math- review for test

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    HW- Lesson 15 Fr

    Grammar- Pgs 34-35 (C and D)


    RF#1- Meet Tues 2/20 Read up to Ch 11 and finish job

    RF#2- Meet Thurs  2/15 Read up to ch 8 and finish job

    MUF- Meet Wed 2/21 Read up to Ch 6 and finish job

    Read 25 mins every day


    Permission Slips for Mission FT

  • 2-13-18

    Math- Ex 2 WB 165-168, Finish Review 4 WB 159-161

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    Handwriting- Lesson 15 Fr


    RF#2- meetThursday with book and job, read up to ch 8

    RF#1- meet next week Wed, job and read up to Ch 11

    MUF- meet tomorrow with book and job, read up to ch 4

    Read 25 mins

  • 2-12-18

    Math- WB162-164, Review 4 WB 156-158

    Spelling- Have some one give you your new spelling words for you to spell. You correct your pretest and attach it to your packet.Your packet and test will be on Fri

    Handwriting- Lesson 15, Fri

    Read 25 mins

    Valenitine's Day will be celebrated tomorrow! If you choose to bring Valentine's, you must bring one for every one in our class. We have 17 people in our class. If you would like to would like to label your Valentine's (you don't have to,) here is how you spell everyones name:

    Aaron, Liliana, Treyton, Lily, Annie, Micaela, Gabrielle, Emily, Coy, Gianna, Brianna, Marissa, Giselle, Kaisa, Victoria, John, Luke


Classroom Announcements

  • Mardi Gras Breakfast and Root Beer Floats for Sale!

    Our Mardis Gras Breakfast will be held before school tomorrow for those of you who have signed up for it!

    All students may wear Mardis Gras colors (green, yellow/gold, purple) with jeans and their black school shoes.  If you do not choose to wear Mardis Gras colors, please wear your PE clothes as usual.

    Also, we are continuing to raise money for Our Lady of Guadalupe Center by selling rootbeer floats at lunch recess for $1.00. You must bring a reusable cup along with your dollar to get a root beer float!

    What a day!

  • Lunar Eclipse and Pancake Breakfast!

    Tomorrow you are invited to come up to school to see the Lunar Eclipse! Students will be gathering at Salesian at 5:30 am and viewing the moon until 6:00.  Then a pancake breakfast will be served, for FREE! Students all need to have a ride from Salesian to St. Francis.

  • Don Bosco's Day!

    Tomorrow we will be meeting at St. Francis High School for a special day in honor of Don Bosco! Snack will be provided. Our day will be a short one, arriving between 7:30-7:45 and departing at 12:00 noon!

  • Disney Day!

    Tuesday dress up as your favorite Disney Character!!

  • 1-29-18

    Math- Ex 7 WB 136-137, Ex 9 WB 140-141

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    HW Lesson 14 finish Tues

    Science- Quiz REocks Th, observe and freeze water, Tues

    Social Studies- Worksheet

    Read 25 mins

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Dear Salesian Families, During this Lenten season we are invited to journey with Jesus and live these days in prayer…

Feast of St. John Bosco

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In the early morning of January 31st, Don Bosco would have been so proud to see our Salesian family up…

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TK/Kinder: Monday and Wednesday 10:50-11:40am 1st Grade: Monday and Wednesday 11:40am-12:30pm 2nd Grade: Monday and Wednesday 3rd Grade: Tuesday and…

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The mission of The Salesian Elementary and Junior High School is a TK-8 private Catholic elementary and junior high school working cooperatively with the Diocese of Monterey to provide a child-centered learning environment within a family atmosphere that embodies the Salesian philosophy of reason, religion, and loving kindness as taught by Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Mazzarello

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