Science Fair Dates

Research notes and a 5 paragraph essay are due next Friday, 12/7. You should take notes on background information about your topic. Your notes should be in phrases, not sentences. Write your notes in your Lab Book. After you have taken notes, you will choose 3 main ideas to write about in your essay. Your essay will be written on a google doc and titled science fair research_yourname. The first paragraph will be your introduction. Your introduction should introduce your topic and let the reader know the two main ideas you are going to tell them about (your thesis sentence). Your next three paragraphs will be about the two main ideas you chose to write about. Your fifth paragraph will be your conclusion, a short wrap up of the information you wrote about. You can think of your conclusion as…”What do I want my reader to remember about my essay?”

Next week we will work on our hypothesis, controls, and begin writing our procedure. I will continue to post each part of the science fair project that is due. You will be graded on the completion of each part as it is due. Basically, we will have our introduction and procedure completed by Christmas break. My goal is to have science fair worked on during school time, with experiments being done at home. All experiments will need to be completed by January 11th. That will give us about 4 weeks to finish the remaining part of our projects.Please email me with any questions!