Our intentional approach to educating the whole child comes alive in these vibrant expressions:

We are a HOME that is a family-centered community where students experience a deep sense of belonging and know that they are loved.

We are a SCHOOL that fosters a passion for learning and supports the success of each student. We offer rigorous academics balanced with our creative music and art programs and outstanding physical
education curriculum.

We are a CHURCH that guides the students to deepen their faith, embrace a devotion to Mary, and believe in the presence of God wherever they are. We are a Catholic community of faith, love and fellowship.

We are a PLAYGROUND where character is built and lasting friendships are formed. Our physical education program builds confidence through self-respect, teamwork and positive leadership skills.

What can you learn about Salesian from our logo?

Logo Stars.jpg


WE ARE rooted in the MARIAN tradition of our founders, Saint John Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, trusting in the loving presence of Mary our Mother, who is often depicted with a halo of 12 stars.


WE ARE a 55 acre CAMPUS nestled between the mountains and the sea where children learn to cultivate and conserve the land we’ve been given. We are an official Ocean Guardian School thanks to our students' outstanding focus on conservation!

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WE ARE four decades of CHILDREN & PARENTS who have watched the morning sun rise over the hills, glowing down upon our school, reminding us that the Holy Spirit is present and that GOD IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME.



WE ARE shaping life-long learners through rigorous, balanced academics and providing a foundation of faith to help them grow in the knowledge of Christ's love and to live with Gospel values at heart.



WE ARE a joy-filled environment where character and life-long friendships are built as children run, swim, and play surrounded by tall redwood trees, fluffy cackling chickens and spirited, friendly dogs.

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WE ARE a Salesian Family - colorful, vibrant, diverse and full of life!

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“I think Salesian might be the best school that God ever made.”  ~ Sawyer (Kindergarten Student)

“The view from Salesian’s campus is as beautiful as the hearts of the teachers, Sisters and community within it.”  ~ Kirsten (Middle School Parent)

“30 years ago, I was a new 5th grade student at Salesian Elementary. I met a friend that year who changed my whole world and has remained my very dearest friend to this day! After all these years, some of our favorite memories are those that took place in the same buildings and halls that my children now currently inhabit. Thankful for the lifelong friendships that they are now building.”  ~ Nicole (Alumna and Parent)

“My husband and I chose Salesian because we wanted to make sure that our faith and our family were seamless. Our children have carried their faith and Salesian experience with them throughout their lives and now we have five grandchildren here at our beloved school. It is such a blessing to see the next generation preparing for a Catholic life and a culture that is alive and well.”  ~ Valjean (Past Parent)

“A teacher at Saint Francis told me how impressed she always is with the preparedness of the Salesian kids when they enter high school. Then I observed how our middle schoolers carried themselves at an event and thought, wow, we’ve set our kids on a great track.”  ~ Andrew (TK Parent)

"The last day of 8th grade...I can’t describe my gratitude to Salesian Elementary and Junior High. I don’t know how we did it – many people have helped us along the way. But, we’ve been able to send our children to a school that fosters the values we try to instill at home. It has truly fulfilled Saint John Bosco’s mission of being a home, school, church and playground for Isabel. I’m completely humbled today. #ProudToBeSalesian"  
Alexis, Salesian Parent