The first element of the Salesian educational system, reason, is the strategy to understand the character of young people and how young people learn. At the same time, reason fosters the ability to communicate with them.   The second element is religion. The message of the Gospel is an integral part of education since the Good News is the light that will lead individuals through life in this world to life in the next.  To reason and religion is added kindness.  It seeks to create a persuasive atmosphere, where trust and communication is fostered, thereby uniting the community in a spirit of joy, love, and peace.

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casa de fruita.jpg


As life long learners who…

  • Develop and use their God-given talents

  • Communicate effectively

  • Reach academic success through hard work and strong study habits


As Christ-centered individuals who…

  • Understand the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church

  • Develop a loving relationship with God through prayer, sacraments, and liturgical celebrations

  • Practice a devotion to Our Blessed Mother in the tradition of St. John Bosco

Loving Kindness

As honest citizens who…

  • Accept responsibility for actions and work together to solve problems

  • Respect self, others, and God’s creation

  • Reach out and serve others as Jesus did

The last day of 8th grade...I can’t describe my gratitude to Salesian Elementary and Junior High. I don’t know how we did it – many people have helped us along the way. But, we’ve gotten to send our children to a school that fosters the values we try to instill at home. It has truly fulfilled Saint John Bosco’s mission of being a home, school, church and playground for Isabel. I’m completely humbled today. #ProudToBeSalesian

~ Alexis, Salesian Parent

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