There are many ways to support Salesian:

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Our ability to provide an extraordinary educational experience founded in the Salesian philosophy is directly related to ongoing and generous partnerships with alumni, parents, past parents, grandparents, friends, foundations, corporations, and other dedicated individuals and organizations that share our commitment.  Through the Lord's blessings and your support we have had the privilege of serving the youth of Santa Cruz County for over 40 years, and we joyfully plan to continue this work for many generations to come.

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Giving Opportunities

Tuition alone does not cover all of the expenses at Salesian Elementary and Junior High School.  The school relies on philanthropic support to maintain its academic excellence, affordability, and Salesian charism. Therefore, with strong Salesian Spirit we thank you for your consideration of giving to our school in one of the following ways:

Gala Sponsorship
Each Year we rely heavily on the Salesian School Gala to support our school’s operational costs. Reaching our annual goal is not possible without friends and benefactors like you! Please help us to continue this legacy of Catholic education and to maintain our building with its rich heritage that means so much to past, present and future students. We ask that you partner with us by sponsoring the Salesian School Gala or offering a donation to the Gala’s auction. Participation in this event is a wonderful tax-deductible marketing opportunity! Thank you in advance for helping to make the Salesian School Gala a great success! (This year's Gala details

Scholarship Fund                                                                                                                                                                   
When Salesian Elementary and Junior High was founded in 1978, the Sisters wanted a Salesian education to be available to any child who came to their door. Keeping tuition affordable by helping families in need of assistance has been central to the school’s mission for more than forty years.  Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, it has been possible for us to provide this support to many families over the last four decades!

Endowment Fund

Ongoing Pledges                                                                                                                                                                                 
Ongoing Pledge arrangements allow donors to give more generously over time.

Matching Gifts                                                                                                                                                                                      
Many companies have matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions given by their employees. Some will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses. To enroll in a matching gift program, simply contact your human resources office for the appropriate forms and forward them with your gift to the school, for completion

Stocks and Wire Transfer

In Kind Donation                                                                                                                                                                                         
An offering of foods or commodities appropriate to our educational program. 

Planned Giving
A bequest is made as part of your will, you can make it for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. The advantage of making a gift through a bequest is that the gift estate taxes are reduced or avoided.

In Celebration or Remembrance
Giving to honor an individual or in remembrance of a loved one who has passed; a gift may be made on the occasion of an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or significant life event.

For the convenience of our donors, we will gratefully accept contributions in any of the following ways:

Check made payable to:
Salesian Elementary and Junior High School
And mailed to:                                                    
Salesian Elementary & Jr High School
Finance Department
605 Enos Lane, Corralitos, CA 95076

Phone or Email
Arrangements made by contacting the School Finance Department at 831-728-5551

Online Submissions made via the link above


We are a 501©3 Tax Exempt Organization

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