Homework: Thursday, 10/25/18

Grammar: Grammar Workshop pages 68-71 due Monday, test on Unit 2 on Tuesday

Math: Workbook page 70. Xtra Math: complete 3 sessions per week--You have until Sunday to complete it.

Night of the Arts: practice your tall tale poem for Night of the Arts (on November 6th)

Reading: Maniac Magee: read chapters 39-46 and do Lit Response in your lit log: your choice for A & B; all due Monday. Continue to fill out Maniac’s Homes. Cobble’s Knot Challenge handed out today, due Wednesday, October 31st.

Continue to read your AR book to get to your AR goal! End of Trimester is November 6th!

Social Studies: First map test on northeast region will be on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8th—start studying!!!