Homework: Tuesday, 10/30/18

Handwriting: Lesson 11, Day 2 & 3

Math: Workbook pages 73-74 due Thursday. Xtra Math: complete 3 sessions per week--You have until Sunday to complete it.

Night of the Arts: practice your tall tale poem for Night of the Arts (on November 6th)

Reading: Maniac Magee: After Reading Lit Response due Thursday-only research 1 topic. Finish Maniac’s Homes.

Cobble’s Knot Challenge: knot and description due TOMORROW!!

Maniac Magee project due Friday, November 9th-project choices handed out today!

Continue to read your AR book to get to your AR goal! End of Trimester is November 6th!

Religion: Finish prayer card and bring in photo for All Soul’s Day-due Thursday

Social Studies: First map test on northeast region will be on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8th—start studying!!!

REMINDERS: Orange and black free dress tomorrow for the Carnival. If you didn’t order hot lunch, please bring a lunch! Noon dismissal!