Homework: Wednesday, 12/05/18

Handwriting: Lesson 15, Day 3

Vocabulary: Study for Friday’s test on Unit 7

Math: Xtra math-3 sessions per week!

Writing/Lit: Finish (typing on Google Doc and share with Mrs. Smith) Maniac Magee Cardinal Virtue paragraph by Friday!

Language Arts: work on study guide for Literature, Vocab & Grammar Mid Year Assessments that will be next week. Lit portion should be completed by Monday!

Literature: Finish Discussion Director questions (in Lit circle packet); Read 20 pages of AR book

Social Studies: Finish written portion of colony model-tomorrow you will be typing it up for the report; North Central Region test on Thursday, December 13th-fill out and color map and get it checked by Mrs. Smith

Science: Study for tomorrow’s Mid Year assessment