Message From the Principal

Message from the Principal

Dear Salesian Family,

Our teachers are busy administering the Renaissance Start Tests to our students in order to assess their academic status. These assessments determine our student’s academic baseline and further track their achievement. These results will help us to monitor their growth in order to make informed decisions about their goals. We are aiming for the students to reach mastery of the standards for their different subjects and continue to challenge them to greater proficiency and accurate performance.

At our Back to School Night your child’s teacher will explain their goals and procedures for the class and for your child. This is a valuable opportunity to familiarize yourselves with important information about your child’s classroom experiences. It is important that you do not bring any children, allowing you to freely focus on meeting the teacher and getting the details of the presentation.

You may need to visit more than one teacher if you have more than one child. You may want your spouse to visit one teacher while you visit the other. There will be two twenty-minute sessions where the teachers will share basic facts about homework, classwork, late work, make-up work, grading system, and how best to contact your child’s teacher.

We look forward to seeing everyone here on Wednesday evening for a night filled with valuable information and an opportunity to meet other parents from your child’s class.

We are here to assist you in any way that we can to continue challenging your child/children to take ownership of their academic performance. We look forward to seeing you at our Back to School Night when you can earn service hours while getting to know more about your child’s education.

God bless,

Sr. Carmen, FMA