Summer Work for Incoming Third Graders 2019-2020


Choose one of the four books listed below, and be ready to take an AR test on it the first week of school.  You may choose to read all four.

Stone Fox,, by John Reynolds Gardiner

James and the Giant Peach, By Roald Dahl

Sarah, Plain and Tall, By Sarah MacLachlan  

Molly’s Pilgrim By Barbara Cohen

Poetry: Choose one of the three poems to memorize. Be ready to recite one of them on your return to school in August. .


Lily Lee

I like Lily,

Little Lily Lee

I like Lily

And Lily likes me.

Lily likes lollipops,

Lemonade and line-drops,

But I like Lily,

Little Lily Lee.

By: Isobel Best

A New World

Columbus found a new world

Because he dared to do

A thing that was unheard of-

A thing that was quite new.

Columbus found a new world

Because he made a start,

Instead of merely pond’ring o’er

The thoughts within his heart. Columbus found a new world

Because he saw things through-

And you can find your new world

Precisely that way, too.

New Friends

This morning, when

I started school,

I met a girl

named Linda Lou

and she met me and then we were two.

Then both of us met Jerry Lee

and that made us threThen Paul came running

through the door--

Now the three of us are four--

And I can’t wait to meet some more.

By: Patricia Hubbell

Math: All incoming third graders are required to have their basic addition and subtraction facts memorized to 20.

Please find an on-line math program and practice your base 10 facts.  

Students will be expected to complete 100 basic addition and subtraction problems in 15  minutes!

Have a wonderful summer. Remember even though we are on holiday which should never take a holiday from Mass.  Remember to keep Sunday holy and go to mass:)