Homework: Monday, 10/15/18

Handwriting: Lesson 9, Day 1

Vocabulary: Finish vocab cards-due tomorrow. Vocabulary Workshop pages 50-51 due Friday

Math: Workbook page 54-55= page 54 in notebook, page 55 can be completed in workbook. Xtra Math: complete 3 sessions per week--You have until Sunday to complete it. Make sure you are staying logged on until it tells you that you are done for the day!

Reading: Maniac Magee Figurative Language Worksheet due tomorrow. Maniac Magee novel: read chapters 22-26; in Lit Log: lit response A & B (your choice for both)= all due Wednesday. Continue to read 10 pages of your AR book each day! End of Trimester is November 6th!

Social Studies: Open note test tomorrow on chapter 3; make sure your notes (packet) and essay outline are complete.

Science: Unit 3 test corrections due Wednesday-MUST do corrections if received below 70%