Homework: Wednesday, 10/3/18

Handwriting: Lesson 7, Day 3

Vocabulary: Vocabulary Workshop pages 40-41 due tomorrow

Math: Workbook pages 45-47 #1, 2, 3, 6-all must be done with the 7-step model drawing for word problems!

Xtra Math: complete 3 sessions per week--You have until Sunday to complete it. Make sure you are staying logged on until it tells you that you are done for the day!

Reading: Maniac Magee (new class novel!) -do page 13: A (your choice of response) and B (prediction)-write your answers in your Lit Log; continue to read 20 pages of your AR book each day! End of Trimester is November 6th!

Science: Finish Unit 3, Lesson 3 Quiz (began in class, may use book)


Sunday, October 7th: Our school will be animating mass at Holy Eucharist this Sunday at 10 am. Please come and support our school-wear dress uniform! 7th grade will give a treat if you’re there!

Tuesday, October 9th: This coming Tuesday at 7 pm is our Family Rosary Night for 5th-8th grade. Mrs. Albright will be leading our students and will have a twilight retreat for the students before the Rosary. All students are to attend and participate to deepen out devotion to Our Lady.