Homework, Wednesday 04/10/19

Handwriting: Lesson 29, Day 3

Language Arts: Grammar Lesson 49 Quiz (was due today-students get another day) and Grammar Lesson 50 Quiz both due tomorrow; Vocabulary Workshop pages 146-147 due tomorrow—test on Friday!

Math: Quiz due tomorrow-use your workbook and textbook to help you! Xtra Math-3 sessions a week

Literature: Lit Circle Novels: Read assigned pages of class novel and do job/worksheet by Friday; Read about 10 pages of AR book

Social Studies: Finish Chapter 12 parallel timelines and question and answer sheet (have worked on in class the past 2 days); State Report: First draft of compare/contrast essay due Wednesday (next week)

Science: Unit 1 test corrections (with parent signature on TEST) due tomorrow-must do if received below 70%.