Homework, Thursday 05/09/19

Announcements: End of Year Assessment Study Guides handed out Monday along with Assessment schedule! Field trip permission slip for International Games is due TOMORROW along with $7 for shirt

All Subjects: Work on End of Year Assessment Study Guides-work on each night. We will begin reviewing at the end of next week; Assessment schedule with the study guides!

Handwriting: Lesson 30, Day 4

Language Arts: Study for tomorrow’s Vocabulary test!

Math: Unit 10 Test Corrections due TOMORROW; tonight’s homework: make corrections on Angle review worksheet and read over Textbook pages 117-119 (triangle and quadrilateral review); Xtra Math 3 times a week!

Literature: Final Lit Novel project and write up explaining project= all due TOMORROW; Read 20 pages of AR book-last day to take AR tests is on Friday, May 24th

Social Studies: State Slides: continue to practice presenting/memorizing information= Presentations continue NEXT WEEK! Please sign up for your State food dish on the spreadsheet shared with you on your Drive—due Friday, May 17th!!