This WeeK : October 9th - 15th

Welcome to our class blog. Please check back each Wednesday for an overview of our week in second grade.

Special Events:

October 14th: no school - Columbus Day

October 16th: Spin Meeting at 7 p.m. - Dinner 5:45 - 6:45 - Please sign up and pay for dinner ahead of time.

October 22nd: TK - 4th Rosary Night at 7 p.m.

Math: “Friendly Notes” are sent home at the beginning of each unit. We are finishing our addition and subtraction unit.

Reading: We began, Unit 2: “Let’s Explore”. In this unit we are reading about the outdoors and discovering new information about the natural world around us.

Science: We finished the introductory unit, “Ready, Set, Science” and are starting a new unit on position and motion.

Social Studies: Currently, we are learning the distinction between a city, a suburb, a small town and a rural, farm setting.

Religion: Students are learning about the 10 Commandments.

Computers: We have begun to work on our keyboarding skills through the use of the online program This is a fun program that helps students become more confident in the typing skills they will continue to use throughout the grades. During the last few weeks, we learned the home keys and correct hand positions. We worked on using the F & J keys and the space bar. This week we learned how to keep our fingers on the home keys and reach with our index fingers to type U and R. We also use our computer time to take AR reading quizzes online. Remember to read at home and record the books you have been reading in your AR journal so that you are prepared on Wednesdays to take AR quizzes during our computer time.