Our Vibrant 6th Grade Class


Welcome to our Vibrant 6th Grade Homeroom Class. It feels like summer was just yesterday, but looking back at what the students have already learned, I know that school is in full-swing! We have already traveled through our beginning of the year “Reading Zone”, and will be launching a novel study this next week.

Besides the joy of reading, 6th grade students have used their “Homeroom Meeting” time to get some American Sign Language classes in. Fingerspelling skills are improving (hint: to develop your fingerspelling muscle memory, fingerspell street signs, store names, etc. when driving around town!), facial expressions are becoming more natural, and the beginnings of basic conversation are emerging.

I look forward to keeping you posted (wink, wink; pun!) about our learning and activities on this blog, throughout the year.

Have a fantastic week,

Mrs. Kehoe