October 1, 2018 - News & Homework

It was wonderful to see everyone having fun last Friday at Grandparents’ Day.

Thank you to Mrs. Tofig and her mom for helping out with our auction project last Thursday. The kids are making a quilt to be auctioned off in the live auction at our Spring Gala in March.

Thank you! I almost have everyone's permission slips for the field trips coming up in December. Please remember when ordering HOT LUNCH that we will not be at school on Tuesday, December 4 and Friday, December 14.

Please look down below to make sure you have turned in your permission slip for both field trips. I will be sending more information as the time draws nearer to the dates of our field trips.

Remember to check out Gradelink today for your child’s progress in third grade so far. The first trimester ends on November 6. I will be sending home your child’s progress towards their AR goal by Friday this week.

Don’t forget to order your hot lunch online and send in the money.


Permission slips needed for Monterey Aquarium: Xander,Carson and Gigi.

Permission Slips needed for Whale Watching: Carson and Gigi.


Homework for the Week of October 1, 2018

Focus this week is words with Long E. Please review your pretest and practice any words that were misspelled. Take five words per night and write them 3 times each and master them before going on to the next 5 words. Making sure you have mastered all 20 by Friday, October 5. Packet is due on Friday, October 5, and Spelling assessment is on Friday.


Focus is still adding and subtracting. This week students will have 10 to 20 problems per night for homework. Please make sure you have the number bonds below memorized. This will help you with bigger addition and subtraction problems.

1+9=10 1+10=11 9+1=10 1+1=2

2+8=10 2+10=12 9+2=11 2+2=4

3+7=10 3+10=13 9+3=12 3+3=6

4+6=10 4+10=14 9+4=13 4+4=8

5+5=10 5+10=15 9+5=14 5+5=10

6+4=10 6+10=16 9+6=15 6+6=12

7+3=10 7+10=17 9+7=16 7+7=14

8+2=10 8+10=18 9+8=17 8+8=16

9+1=10 9+10=19 9+9=18 9+9=18

Math worksheets are marked with the date they should be done for homework and due dates. Math worksheets will be due the next day to correct in class. Please make sure you bring in your completed homework when it’s due.

We continue to read from Castle Diary The Journal of Tobias Burgess.

Read a book of your choice every night and log on reading log unless reading pages have been assigned from our novel. Please make sure you bring your book to school everyday.

Tobias is a young boy that is sent to live with his uncle and aunt to learn the ways of the noble’s live in a manor. He is a page, then a squire, and if all goes well a knight. Students are learning about communities and people work and live together to form communities. We have chosen to learn about medieval communities and eventually will be studying communities in the United States. As we explore the feudal system and how it evolved over time then we will look at the founding of America and look for similarities and differences.