1st Grade Weekly News + Updates - Week of October 7th - October 11th

Hello 1st Grade families!

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was gorgeous, and it seems to be trickling into the new week too. Let’s make sure that the kids all have water bottles for school to keep hydrated in class, and the boys wear shorts on hot days if they’re up for it!

We’re starting the week off with Mass today - the Holy Rosary Liturgy (5th Grade) at 11 am. Please come early if you'd like a good seat.

This will be the last week of swimming. If you haven’t had the opportunity to come help and earn those hours, we’ll need parents Tuesday and Friday from 9:30-10:30. We’d love your help so the kids are able to really enjoy this last week of swimming until the end of the school year!


Spelling words: lap, yes, swim, drum

Last week our class did such an amazing job on their spelling tests! I was so impressed. For this reason this week I am including two words (swim and drum) that are 4 letters vs. 3, but your child should be able to pick them up quickly because they are beginning blends words (sw- and dr-) which is a concept we’ve been working on since the first day of school. You can help them if they’re struggling by pronouncing the word “sw- sw- swim” and “dr- dr- drum”. Also feel free to ask your child to recite their “blends”. They should be able to recite about 20 beginning blends by memory now (you can remind them it starts with “bride” and ends with “knee”).

Also, in Reading homework this week you’ll see two book review pages in your child’s packet. I’d like you to read to your child or have them read a story on their own, then complete the review. In Math there is a subtraction introduction and subtraction problems in the packet. The best way to help your child understand 1st grade intro to subtraction, is to remind them that subtracting means to “take away” an amount. Drawing pictures or using objects (like paper clips, erasers, or blocks) can help them visualize this. These are strategies we use in class and can really help your child while practicing at home!

We still need $10/person and field trip forms in if you have not yet! Next week I will send out emails if I have not received money or forms yet and reminders will go home in homework folders this week. We want each and every child at this Casa de Fruta field trip on 10/28 if we can! Thank you!

Next week there is NO SCHOOL on Monday 10/14 for Columbus Day. Enjoy your 3-day weekend!

Have a wonderful week! - Mrs. Settles