Grandparents Day

Dear Salesian Family,

What a joy to see so many of our dear Grandparents out here last Friday! Recently during one of Pope Francis’ daily prayer sessions, he focused on Grandparents and said, “Grandparents have known decades of joy and sorrow, loss and change.” He said elders are like reservoirs of wisdom and historical memory. He also believes their insights will offer future generations much-needed understanding and direction. (taken from, “Sharing the Wisdom of Time”) As Sr. Chantal greeted some of the grandparents, she noticed the beauty, peace and serenity that they expressed, with their eyes, and affectionate embrace. Sister commented that grandparents are a very important part of a child’s life. Children find acceptance and security near them, and this relationship helps emotionally and spiritually. Many of the grandparents shared the joy of being invited to come for such a special occasion.

Bishop Danny was very well impressed with our students and their participation and attentiveness at Mass. It pleased him so much to see such a large number of grandparents and parents celebrating together with our student body. He said he felt right at home!

God bless,

Sr. Carmen, FMA