Our Lady of the Rosary

Dear Salesian Family,

The month of October is dedicated to our Lady of the Rosary and yesterday, October 7th, was her feast day. Let us recall the promises that Our Blessed Lady made regarding world peace, family stability, and universal well-being attached to praying the most Holy Rosary.

Devotion to Mary was spread far and wide through the works of St. John Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello, our founder and co-foundress. This devotion continues to be spread throughout the world through the help of our Salesian Sisters, Brothers, and Priests who continue to recognize and invoke Mary with and for the young people in our schools. We turn to Mary in our every need. As Don Bosco always told us, “Trust in Mary and you will see miracles”.

Praying the rosary in honor of Our Blessed Mother has been a tradition in the Catholic church for a very long time. It is a very powerful prayer Throughout history it has been highly recommended by the saints and Our Blessed Mother herself. In the various apparitions of Mary she has appeared holding a rosary in her hands and has asked us to continue to pray the rosary as it helps us to strengthen our relationship with God and loving Him more as we take time to meditate on the different mysteries of the rosary that remind us of the life of Jesus.

During the month of October, we have a small shrine of Mary for each class. Every day the shrine is sent home to a different family whose name is picked at random. The family receiving it is invited to welcome Our Lady’s visit with joy and give her a place of honor in your home. Hopefully, then, as a family, you will gather together in the evening and say the rosary, or a simple decade of the rosary for the intentions of your family. May Mary’s spiritual presence accompany her shrine to your home, and may she bring with her a shower of wonderful blessings for you and your dear ones!

God bless,

Sr. Carmen, FMA